A Play by Egun Omode. Written, directed, produced, choreographed, and envisioned by Makeda Kemit

Follow the journey as young Fèyíṣàrá receives the charge from the Ọba, Ṣango the king, to maintain the destiny of her village. Young Fèyíṣàrá travels on the winding road with her fellow seeker, Olúkèmí, as they go off to find Ọya. Will they find Ọya? What words will Ọya have for young Fèyíṣàrá? How will Èṣù, the great messenger, help in this endeavor? A play for families and children of all ages; come out and enjoy an exciting evening of adventure, music, and dance. The play features children actors and dancers as young 4 years old, professional musicians, and a masterful storyteller who narrates the play, along with colorful costumes, and much more.

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